Wedding vendors: celebrate marriage equality at PrideFest!

First Gay Wedding Show In Paris

Calling all wedding planners, bakeries, florists, jewelers, dressmakers, florists, photographers, DJs, entertainers, caterers, stylists, printers, rental venues, event promoters and other retailers!

Seize a historic opportunity to grow your business — with a brand new LGBT audience — at our Friday, June 5 Wedding Expo!

Last June, marriage equality finally arrived in the state of Wisconsin – just as PrideFest Milwaukee was just kicking off our opening ceremonies.  This June, we anticipate that marriage equality will sweep the nation!

If you are in the “business” of helping loving couples get hitched, will you be ready? WE ARE!

Join us on the grounds at PrideFest, and tell our community all about what you can finally offer them on their legal, lasting wedding day.

Vendors are needed for a new Wedding Expo to take place at one of the largest LGBT pride festivals in the nation. Great prices, great audience, and definitely a great time!

Find out how YOU can become a vendor.

MARKETPLACE 2015 Wedding Expo