Miltown Kings Fri. June 6, Miller Lite Mainstage 5:45PM, PrideFest Milwaukee

miltown kings group

A Miltown Kings show can be, and usually is, a million different things.

It is a completely unique form of performance art. The Kings perform both individually as well as in group acts. The acts range from sexy to funny to thought provoking.

Audience members are witness to political statements, gender fluidity and challenges to societal norms. Occasionally a fan will find a King on their lap. When the Kings perform, they give physical form to the music. Being on the stage allows the performers to explore any person they ever wanted to be.

Each King has a distinct persona; there’s the bad ass, the hopeless romantic, the goof ball, the dirty old man, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Colin Acumen 3

Colin Acumen

is just a little girl from a small town who one day realized he was super, duper handsome. Smarmy and flamboyant, flirty and egotistical, a nerd with a big heart and a cool guy façade, Colin has been performing drag with the Miltown Kings for four years but unknowingly spent a lifetime preparing for it by cultivating a love for handmade costuming and Colin found a home with the Miltown Kings and deeply values a performance space that is safe and respectful for performers and audience members to express themselves. To know the Miltown Kings is to know family. Both members and fans of this long-lasting gender bending group, find acceptance and support in monumental fashion. creating a host of characters who know no gender bounds.

Leo Long

Leo Long

has been involved with theater and dance all his life. He found The Miltown Kings when he attended their first ever show at Walkers Pint’s Scorpio Party. He fell instantly in love, and is not too proud to say he followed them around until they let him in the troupe. Leo has been performing king and boilesque with the Miltown Kings for over 10 years. He has had the honor of sharing the stage with talented performers all over the US and in Canada. Leo has always been a Queer who’s just too greedy to pick one gender. He likes to think of drag as Theater of the People where performers can make social or political statements, inspire, educate, laugh, feel sexy, and explore gender roles/fluidity. He is endlessly addicted to stage lights and the roar of the audience, but is just as passionate about creating noncompetitive spaces that performers can work and grow together in, as well as fanciful theatrical events which are welcoming to everyone in the community. Most of all Leo loves to keep you guessing on just what he might bring to the stage next.


Anna Stetic became a member of the Miltown Kings in 2013 as both performer and light tech. In addition to supporting her home troop, she has taken her performance passion to begin co-producing burlesque shows in the Milwaukee area. She loves introducing drag and burlesque to new crowds and using these platforms to further GLBT rights awareness.


Miles Long started his drag career as a freelance performer in December of 2001 performing as a Johnny Cash impersonator.  Through the years, he has expanded his repertoire to various types of interpretive drag performance.  Joining the Miltown Kings in 2010, he has been performing consistently both as an individual and with members of the troupe.  His performance types range from goofy and ridiculous to intense political numbers to raise awareness on a variety of issues.


Ms. B. Haven has been performing Femme Drag with The Miltown Kings for ten years. Ms. B. believes that drag can be used to express a variety of sentiments but most importantly, drag can be used to spread awareness about issues that affect our community. Ms. B. believes Femme Drag is important because it empowers women of all backgrounds to love themselves and promotes community and respect. Ms. B. would like to thank Milwaukee for all their love and support and she is especially excited to be a part of this year’s Pridefest extravaganza!!


Goofy yet sexy with a hint of adorable, Lala loves to dish out raw emotion along with a bit of laughter. A bit intense and eclectic, this little lady loves to have fun.

Zeke Paddington

After having performed with the Miltown Kings for the past 10 years, Zeke’s skills can be summed up into one sentence. He’s good with his hands 😉

Faye Tahl/ Dev EstateFaye Tahl


Faye Tahl made her debut performance in 2009 at the first annual Alverno drag show. She performs primarily femme drag, but in recent years has also developed an appetite for doing queerlesque and king drag acts (which she performs under her male persona, Dev Estate). She lusts for new experiences, especially when she can incorporate those into her stage performances (examples include fire eating and Brazilian jiu-jitsu). She is a self-taught dancer, learning primarily through Youtube videos and experimentation in front of a mirror. Her Miltown family continues to be a direct source of inspiration and motivation with her growth as a performer.


Kenny Duer

Kenny Duer

Oh yes, he most certainly can.





Willie PfisterWillie Pfister

 has been performing with the Miltown Kings for the better part of a decade, going all the way back to the days at the B-Side.  Although technically retired, he likes to keep his hand in, so at this point he’s probably had more comeback shows than Cher.  He is often joined onstage (or upstaged) by his friend Kermit the Frog a.k.a Kermeetra.  He believes gender expression should be expressed, and is proof positive that sexy and silly can occupy the same space