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The Acoustic Orchard – featuring Mallori Reichenberger

The Acoustic Orchard – featuring Mallori Reichenberger


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The Acoustic Orchard

Featuring Mallori Reichenberger
Friday June 6, 8:30PM – MGAC Stage
Saturday JUNE 7, 12PM – Miller Lite Mainstage
Saturday June 7, 8:30PM –MGAC Stage
Sunday June 8, 8:30PM – MGAC Stage


The Acoustic Orchard is an optimistic feeling, a new sound, bright, airy and looking towards the future of modern indie folk rock. Featuring the vocals and guitar work of Mallori Reichenberger and Cody Peters, the group has grown up playing a variety of modern folk, urban and rock. This powerful combination is guaranteed to delight a wide range of musical tastes.

Having close ties to the folk and rock community allows the Orchard the ability to write and perform original songs that are traditional to the folk/rock genre but also showcase a more modern, aggressive sound. This allows the band not only to delight traditional coffeehouse audiences but also rock venues, a characteristic that distinguishes them from contemporary folk groups.

Mallori Reichenberger has grown up playing Wisconsin coffee houses as a popular solo artist. She has the ability to glide effortlessly from restrained vocal inflections to dead-on high notes giving her elegance and a natural vocal charm. Last year this new band was assembled especially to showcase her talent for Pride Fest Milwaukee 2013.

The band’s original music can be described as bright and propulsive with dense lyrics which tell stories of youth, love, hope and reinvention. Chugging acoustic guitars and driving bass rhythms lay a solid bed for melodic phrasing and lush vocal harmonies. Expect to also hear a variety of cover songs by artists ranging from Bright Eyes, Justin Bieber, Kid Cudi, Tegan & Sara and Paramore.

At their shows, there’s a fun camaraderie between audience and members. Mallori and Cody are long time friends whom have enjoyed their teenage years learning and sharing song and music. Now as young adults they have a matured new sound and commitment. The group will be also be joined on stage by their close friend and collaborator AV Super Sunshine.


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