The Way She – MGAC Stage, June 7 & 8th, 8PM



Did you ever wonder what it would sound like if you added a bit of rocket fuel to Joan Jett’s guitar amp and then lit a match?  Sam Jansen (guitar/vocals) and Lindsay DeCleene (drums/vocals) are on a mission to find out.  Except for Milwaukee Pride 2013 they have added a bassist Andy Victor to the mix for a solid bottom to thump you to your feet and put a happy smile on your face.

The Way She and a He!  Hailing from the Fox Valley, Sam, Lindsay and Andy will be grinding out Indie Post Punk Pop Rock like it was in their DNA.   Fun is just the word to describe what you’ll be feeling if you’re in the audience.

Be sure to check out The Way She Friday and Saturday night 8:00PM MGAC Stage