Mallori Reichenberger’s Acoustic Orchard every night, MGAC stage June 7-8-9

Mallori Reichenberger’s Acoustic Orchard

Mallori_Reichenberger_0813Mallori Reichenberger’s has grown up playing Wisconsin coffee houses as a popular solo artist.   This year she has put together a new band especially for Pride Fest Milwaukee 2013.   Her band, The Acoustic Orchard has given her a more optimistic feeling about her future as an artist.  In fact, that’s a good way to describe her new sound, bright, airy and looking towards the future of modern indie folk rock.

A retuning performer of MGAC Arts and Culture stage, Mallori (guitar/vocals) will be joined on stage this year with Cody Peters (guitar/vocals) and Andy Victor (Bass Guitar).  Expect to hear a variety of acoustic versions of songs by artists ranging from Bright Eyes to Paramore.  Even more fun are their covers of top 40 artist songs including Kid Cudi and Justin Bieber.

At their shows, there’s a fun camaraderie between audience and members which is something that the Acoustic orchard has striven for ever since they formed earlier this year.  Mallori and Cody are long time friends whom have enjoyed their teenage years learning and sharing song and music.  Now as young adults they have matured and with the addition of Andy a new sound and commitment has been forged.

So if you’re looking for fun, friendship and great music, you must come stop by and see Mallori’s Acoustic Orchard.  Playing nightly on the MGAC stage.