DJ TAN SMOOTH, Saturday June 8, Riviera Maya Stage, 1:15PM


Mobile DJ

A female DJ from the Midwest (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) who has always loved music and listens to almost every music genre you can imagine. She came from a family of performers and DJs. This was how she got her love of music because she was always surrounded by them and their love of music was contagious.

Growing up as a teen in the 80’s as Hip Hop and Rap began to emerge and it expanded her love of music and she first began to make and sell mixtapes. As Compact Discs (CDs) took over she continued her passion for music making her own mix CDs and often for family and friends. Over the years she learned to love technology just as much as she loved music and with Digital Djing becoming more popular, decided to combine her love of music and technology and began her own Mobile DJ Company.

DJ Tan Smooth has vastly become one of the most requested female DJs in the city. She is known for taking her crowds on a musical journey while leaving them wanting more. She is well versed on Old School Hip Hop and R&B but loves to introduce her fans to new music. Especially music not yet getting mainstream radio play. This versatility and her original musical Mash ups and mixes have further served to make her a well sought out entertainer and fan favorite. And in 2013 DJ Tan Smooth became affiliated with So Legend DJs an up and coming DJ crew in the Milwaukee area lead by Milwaukee’s own DJ Ty So’ Legend.

So Legend DJ Tan Smooth