SOOK – Friday June 7, 6:30PM Wom!nz Spot Lounge




Sook is a singer/songwriter based in Milwaukee, WI and is well known for her soothing ballads as well as her humor and incorporation of animal sounds. She received a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Central Michigan University and currently teaches music in a Milwaukee grade school.

Sook began recording songs in 2006 but said “I remember writing songs on my elementary school playground.” when reflecting on how long she has been using composition to express herself. Sook’s music is largely based on her own experiences and reflect a great deal of the pieces that she has take away from the people she has known. It took 10 years after she lost her father to be able to put into song how she was feeling. “I was watching a video my sister put together and it suddenly…came together” she said as she described how it felt to finally be able to describe what had been inside her for so many years. Through her song “Black T-Shirts,” she did just that.

Sook’s performances are largely acoustic and consist primarily of guitar and voice but she also plays violin, viola, mandolin, kazoo, keyboard, and hand drums. Sook is preparing to release her 2nd album “Souvenirs” which she has returned to Michigan to record.